Jennifer Lopez Shops At Forever 21

Culottes are one of those summer trends that's right up there with hot pants and strapless rompers: an almost impossible stylistic feat to pull off. But of course, when Jennifer Lopez dons a pair of Forever 21 culottes, the results are nothing short of flawless. While attending the Mawazine Music Festival in Morocco, the singer and American Idol judge donned an enviable pair of baby pink culottes that were ever so slightly pleated.

J.Lo paired these airy trousers with a sexy black lace sheer long-sleeve top and nude bra that kept the overall look from being too girly or dainty.

If you're in deep despair at this point because you feel like you'll never be able to attain Lopez's pitch perfect sense of style, go ahead, buck up and break out your wallet because these culottes can be all yours for significantly less than it would cost you to drink away your sorrows. The short pants ring in at a super affordable $25, which means you can really splurge on the rest of your look.

The pastel pink color has also been a huge trend for the past few seasons, which makes sense considering how light and fresh it feels no matter what piece of clothing it's been applied to. Now if wearing the same pants as J.Lo could also give me her exact same booty, I could sleep soundly tonight.