As You Wish, The Princess Bride is Going to Broadway!

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In 2007, rumors about The Princess Bride musical deal were buzzing about Hollywood. William Goldman, the writer of the fairytale-turned-cult-classic was working alongside Adam Guettel (Composer,The Light in the Piazza) to develop the project. However, the show halted due to financial battles, and fans were left feeling like they were stumbling down the Cliffs of Insanity. Have no fear! Your wish is coming true! Disney Theatrical Productions has officially begun collaborations with Goldman to finally take The Princess Bride to the stage.

By the looks of how things have been going for Disney Theatrical Productions, The Princess Bride is going to be big. The Lion King just surpassed an historical $1 billion box office and the Aladdin musical is due out in February. It’s Disney for crying out loud, of course they’re going all out. Just how unusually sized will the Rodents of Unusual Size be? How much subliminal Star Wars crossover nerdery can we expect if any at all?

We trust the brilliant minds of Broadway to bring the story to life, but the real question we all must ask is: WHO IN THE HECK IS GOING TO PLAY THESE ICONIC ROLES? It’s been nearly 30 years since The Princess Bride film was released, so here at Bustle we think there ought to be nods to the charm of the original cast with some fresh personalities and a few twists to the characters. Here’s our dream casting, as we wish.

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