Photos Of Nicky & Her Fiancé Are Hard To Come By

If you're super excited for Nicky Hilton and James Rothschild to tie the knot, then you probably also can't stop staring at photos of the soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. — that is when they actually share them, attend an event, or are caught by the paparazzi. Unlike many famous faces who like to share photos of their significant others, Nicky Hilton and her fiancé James Rothschild rarely post pics together through Hilton's Instagram. However, when they do, they are one super cute couple.

Whether the heiress is gushing about her man and sharing "Man Crush Monday" photos of him or showing love to her "favorites", aka her cat and her fiancé, there's no doubt these two are adorable — and like their privacy. With that said, I can't blame them for not plastering photos of themselves all over the Internet. Seeing as they are famous, the duo probably wants part of their personal lives to remain private. Who can fault them for that?

So, for those who've been scouring the Internet and social media for pics of Hilton and Rothschild, here are a few that I found via Hilton's Instagram. Also, seeing as it took me a bit to find pics of the two, you are very welcome for all of my "hard" work.

Here They Are Kissing At Coachella

You can't see their faces, but, yeah, they're cute.

Here's When James Was Nicky's #MCM

She sure loves her man.

Here's Nicky Showing Love To James... & Her Cat

I'd snuggle with that cat too.

Here They Are Playing Beer Pong

Can I join?

Here They Are Having The "Best Summer" Ever

With that view? Yeah, that makes one great summer.

Here They Are All Dressed Up

Looking good, Nicky and James. Now we just have to wait for those wedding pics!