5 Times Christina Aguilera Stunned Without Makeup

The 34-year-old pop star Christina Aguilera has never been afraid to dramatically change up her look with makeup to suit her musical moods. We've seen her grow from a sweet teenager to a dirty fighter into a pinup queen since releasing her debut album at 19 — and, as with any good transformation, those rare glimpses at Christina Aguilera without makeup are important, too. Aguilera uses heavy makeup as an extension of every performance so much that, these days, she is pretty much as known for her over-the-top look, false eyelashes, and bronzers as much as her incredible voice. In fact, Christina's almost unrecognizable without those lined ruby lips. The diminutive Voice coach absolutely glows without her usual mask of makeup. As amazing as her dramatic, smoky eyes are, those barefaced moments are just as stunning.

Personally, I love seeing my favorite stars without makeup. After all, even the most glamorous among us need a day off from liquid liners and blush every once in a while. With the only-wear-makeup-when-you-want-to movement gaining steam, it's awesome to be able to look to people like Xtina for barefaced AND made-up inspiration.

Here, five times Christina Aguilera eschewed beauty products... and looked just as gorgeous as when she goes full-liner.

1. Fresh-Faced Disney Princess

Could anything be better than Aguilera and Britney Spears on the set of The Mickey Mouse Clubin 1994?!

2. Glowing at 30,000 Feet

Flying is the perfect excuse to give your skin some time off.

3. Lip Balm Beauty

What a girl wants is super soft lips.

4. Starbucks Strut

Like us, Christina knows that coffee always comes first — even before mascara.

5. Christmas Charmer

Naughty or nice, Christina Aguilera nails Christmas Eve style with clear skin and bright eyes.

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