Laverne Cox's Swimsuit Is Mesh Magic, And I Need It Now

Swimsuits that do extra work for me are the only swimsuits that I'm ever interested in. And Laverne Cox's mesh swimsuit is a swimsuit that is working for her in all of the right ways. The Orange Is the New Black cast member just gave me the most swimsuit envy I've ever felt before, and all she had to do was post a picture on the Internet.

Maybe it's because I've been catching up on OITNB like it's my job, but I feel like I never get to see enough of Cox. She's so sassy and wonderful, and it totally changes every episode she's in. And to see her feeling herself in that mesh suit only added to my love for her. In the natural way that everyone posts a birthday picture of themselves, Cox chose to show off her poolside attire for her birthday. The black suit is completely mesh, except for a black panel around her waist, and one that's in a upside down "V" across her chest. And from what I can tell, this might just be the same suit she wore when she posted the makeup-free selfie. I mean, if I had a swimsuit that I loved, I'd probably wear it every day too.

None of this is to say that Cox needs help covering anything up, because she's a beautiful woman who should flaunt what she's got. It's more just a note about how one piece swimsuits are taking over the game like they never left. And this suit in particular is a great way to look sexy, even if you aren't ready to take the plunge into two-piece territory.

Happy Birthday, indeed!