These Beauty Products Will Channel Your Inner Kid

People always tell me I’m such a kid at heart and at times I’m proud of it, but other times I wish I could be a little more mature. That is, until I look down at my makeup and see all these cutesy beauty products, like Givenchy’s Le Prisme Visage Color Confetti, which is more toy than beauty product. Alright, but let’s be honest, packaging plays such a huge part in cosmetics, and the latest beauty product that’s taking their spin on fun and playful packaging is Givenchy.

The Le Prisme Visage Color Confetti compact is a limited-edition highlighting powder. The top cover of the product has a clear compartment filled with small rainbow beads that look like confetti. And the cute aspect of the packaging doesn’t stop there. You have to get a little creative in order to find the brush that the compact comes with. After fiddling around with it, you’ll find that it’s hidden in a drawer on the bottom.

If you end up purchasing this toy,er, I mean highlighter, and you want to find other fun beauty products, the Asian cosmetics market does a great job at designing fun packaging. You can channel your inner kid with these products that I find super fun, cute and even useful.

1. Beary Fun

TonyMoly Panda's Dream White Hand Cream, $6, Amazon

This cute panda is actually a hand lotion in disguise! The lotion nourishes your hands with bamboo and honey extracts to keep them extra soft and moisturized. 2. That's Bananas

TonyMoly: Magic Food Banana Sleeping Pack, $9, Amazon

You sure won't slip on this peel. Instead, this face mask will hydrate and soothe your skin, using banana and chamomile extracts.

3. Berry Cute Waves

Etude House Strawberry Sponge Hair Roller, $.30, Amazon

These strawberry sponges are known to create beautiful, natural-looking waves. Just wrap damp strands of hair around the sponges and let down your bouncy curls after your hair dries.

images: Courtesy of Brands