Kate Upton's New Bobbi Brown Ads Are Beach Genius

You know when you see an advertisement with someone really great in it, thus making you want to purchase whatever is being sold that much more? Well Bobbi Brown's new Kate Upton ads are sure to do just that for everyone within eyesight. The blonde beauty looks like beachy perfection during her third campaign with the luxe makeup brand, and reminds me just how much I need to buy a swimsuit.

If you couldn't tell from my earlier beach comments, Upton is wearing a itty bitty, teeny weeny teal bikini. Well, at least she's wearing a bikini top. And as you can imagine, it looks great on her. Matched with a smoldering eye and her surfer-esque, slicked back waves, Upton embodies how we all want to look after a day at the beach. And the beach vibe isn't just because it's basically summer, but instead it's due to the Bobbi Brown's new Sandy Nudes Collection. Which, although sound a little grainy, seems to be composed of colors that everyone can rock. The Shimmering Sands Eye Palette gives a new meaning to glitter, mostly because it's far from the same glitter we loved as children, but because it still incorporates the natural hues we all love.

As much as I love the ad, I'm totally against wearing makeup to the beach. I'm sure Upton doesn't ever wear makeup to the beach either, but she has me almost convinced in these breathtaking ads.

Images: Bobbi Brown (1)