Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop Is Getting Juicy

Gwyneth Paltrow, Goop lifestyle guru, wants to be on your face. Business of Fashion announced today that Paltrow and Juice Beauty, an organic skincare and makeup company based in California, are collaborating on a new line. The collection is anticipated to be on the market later in 2015 with additional releases in 2016, and will reflect Paltrow's vision of "a blend of Hollywood glamour and healthy living."

Goop, founded in 2008 as a small weekly newsletter full of recipes and lifestyle tips, has evolved into a full e-commerce site in the past few years. This partnership with Juice Beauty marks a turning point for Goop though, as its the brand's first steps into developing private label goods.

While Goop is taking new steps into uncharted territory, Juice Beauty already has one very successful celebrity partnership under its belt. In 2012, actress and vegan lifestyle expert Alicia Silverstone united with Juice to release a limited edition line comprised of a cruelty-free chamomile cleanser, moisturizer, lip color, pressed powder, and facial highlighter. If Silverstone's incredibly popular line is any indicator, Goop's collaboration is bound to do well.

Given Paltrow's slant toward natural, translucent make up with pleasant pops of color, I'm looking forward to seeing what she unveils.