Angela Lansbury Is Not Pleased With NBC's Octavia Spencer 'Murder, She Wrote' Reboot


Well damn, now we're sad. We were actually kinda psyched about the Murder, She Wrote reboot NBC's got cooking — for one reason and one reason only, that reason being Octavia Spencer. But now Queen of Everything has made her opinion known: Angela Lansbury doesn't want a Murder, She Wrote reboot.

Here's what she said to the Associated Press when asked about it:

This is hardly the first reboot out there — *sigh*, Hollywood, etc. — and Lansbury is hardly the first person to be publicly skeptical over the rebooting/repackaging of one of her career-defining roles. The actresses from Charmed (minus Shannon Doherty, as usual) all tweeted about the bad taste in their mouths following news of the Charmed reboot. And though it wasn't technically a reboot of them, the creators of Sherlock threw some shade in the general direction of Elementary when that was announced a couple years back for using the Holmes stories.

Lansbury's opinions on the reboot will of course do nothing to dissuade NBC — but she is Mrs. Teapot. Ignoring her is impossible.