Taylor Swift's Squad Channels 'Bad Blood' Video

by Dana Reszutek

Talk about #SquadGoals! Taylor Swift and friends recreated the "Bad Blood" video on Friday, however inadvertently, on a recent outing captured by paparazzi. Swift took to Instagram, pairing a still from the bad-ass music video for her new single with a paparazzi snap of Swift with some of her besties — models Gigi Hadid and Martha Hunt — captioned "On tonight's episode of 'Not Purposely Trying to Recreate Music Videos, Just Going Out For Indian Food.'" If there's one thing this proves, besides that Swift has a sense of humor, that these ladies don't need leather, wigs, or even explosions to blow our minds in style.

Swift's hilarious photoshop job and witty caption shows once again that she's just as down-to-earth (and cool) as we all thought, as her and her friends rock simple, casual looks that are perfect for summer.

The three blonde girlfriends sport some of summer's hottest trends on the streets of NYC in this photo, and all are casual, easy styles. Swift pairs her now-famous red lips and bangs with a simple white button-down cropped blouse, while Hadid goes back to basics with a black tank and cool round-lens sunglasses, and Hunt plays with the summer prints trend with a simply-cut t-shirt dress. Basically, all three looks make us hope this is what our girlfriends look like when we hit the town — aka, utter perfection.

Earlier this week, Swift already proved she's already killing the casual summer style game with an overall look (that makes me regret throwing out my pair from the '90s), and this Instagram is just as style-inspiring. If you want to incorporate a little bit of Swift & co. into your summer looks (because let's face it, who doesn't), try some of these pieces to give your wardrobe a subtle, yet still flawless, makeover.

The Button-Down Cropped Blouse

Forever 21, $14.90

The cropped version of this forever-staple (who doesn't have one of these tucked away in their closets?) is a perfect combination of classic style with a summery — and literal — twist.

Round Sunglasses, $45

These sunnies are hippie perfection and let you channel your inner Coachella vibes — and what else would you want in a summer look?

Summer Printed Dress

H&M, $12.99

Summer's always been a time to rock awesome prints, and this season is no different. Try a cool print, like this black and white feather look, paired with a simple cut, for an easy, go-to outfit.

Images: Courtesy of Brands