The Kardashians Sold Their Bras For Charity

There are some things you don't want to buy second hand — underwear, socks, and brassieres are among these items. But that didn't stop Kim and the whole Kardashian clan from selling their bras to raise money for vets. Yes, they put up for sale their worn bras and other lingerie they wore to bed and while doing... other stuff. They sold these items, along with other clothing, household goods and artwork at a yard sale Sunday to raise money for No Kid Hungry Foundation and the Greater L.A. Fisher house, and yes, also to fill their reality show TV time slot.

In honor of Veteran's Day, the 'K' enthusiasts raised about 6K in sales, and offered 6K of their own funds to match what was raised. They also donated the unbought items to the Fisher House families. Tim Byk, founder and executive director of Fisher House, told TMZ, "They reached out to us, they found us. Maybe they will make it over to the house for a pizza party."

They sold their skivvies in a garage sale, so a pizza party doesn't seem too far fetched, now does it?

Image: Tumblr