What Does Ariana Grande's New Album Title Mean?

Good news, Arianators. After what have probably been many sleepless nights and anxiety-filled days for you guys, a beautiful moment has finally arrived: Ariana Grande revealed her new album title, Moonlight . And, based off the music snippet Grande posted on Instagram of what is believed to be the title track, here's something else that will help your misery subside: The violin-backed teaser sounds absolutely gorgeous. Friday on Twitter, Grande teased lyrics from the album's intro, then followed up with another tweet that read, "i'll let u hear a bit of sum soon even tho we got a while to wait..... u know how i can't resist sharing w my babes. no one can stop me lmao." She also revealed to fans that the track "Moonlight" is "the most special song I've got to this day."

Oh, Grande. That's not even enough information to hold fans over. Who knows how long that "while" will take? I realize this whole album teasing bit is serious business, but I can't stand the thought of Arianators hanging while Grande continues to drop even more adorable-yet-nerve-racking hints on social media. Therefore, I've begun some serious brainstorming over the word moonlight to see if I can figure out precisely what this song is all about.

So, here’s what I do know: Moonlight is pretty freakin' sexy. It's a soft glow that illuminates just enough of what's really going on in the shadows; kind of like Grande's incessant teasing with this song. That said, here are some theories on what "Moonlight" could possibly be about:

It Could Be About... The Time She Met An Amazing Guy — By Moonlight

Hmm...still not talking, Grande? OK, moving on to the next theory...

It Could Be About... That Time She Worked A Second Job And Met An Amazing Guy

What?! She's a busy girl who's constantly working. This totally could've happened. Next...

It Could Be About... How She Looks Totally Gorgeous Beneath the Moonlight

Well, she's clearly a beautiful woman, so I'm sure she moonlight totally flatters her already attractive features. Therefore, I wouldn't blame her for being so inspired by her moon-lit beauty that she just had to write a song about it.

It Could Be About... Something To Do With Her And Big Sean

Considering she and Big Sean reportedly broke up, it's time for her to spill the deets.

It Could Be About... Her MTV Video Music Award

Maybe something ridiculously romantic happened in 2014 when Grande won a Moonman for her "Problem" music video, and this is a metaphor for that story. I know that's a total stretch, but Grande really isn't giving me much to work with here. Sigh.

It's Probably... A Metaphor For Love

I don't know about anyone else, but moonlight definitely has an effect on me. It tends to mesmerize me, and I can't think of anything while I'm staring into its alluring light. It's very similar to when you're all starry-eyed over that special someone.

That's it, Grande. I'm all out of guesses. Now, about that sharing you mentioned — we're all waiting!

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