Stan Smiths Just Got A Cool New Upgrade

Adidas Stan Smiths are already the epitome of cool girl chic, but these classics just keep getting better. Adidas announced a new version of Stan Smiths that will be dropping on June 1st, so get ready because you’re going to want a pair (or two... or three) of these new and improved kicks.

Stan Smiths have been a thing since 1973, so that must tell you something about how fashionable they are. They’ve withstood the test of time, because some things just never go out of style (h/t Taylor Swift), you know. And don’t worry, the new Stan Smiths keep some of the same original elements that we all know and love. For example, the shape is the same, and you can still get a pair with that classic green logo on it. Or black if you’re more into that. As for me, I’ll take one of each!

OK, so let’s get to the exciting stuff, like how the sneakers are changing. Well, the shoe will now have an amazing honeycomb texture and a super glossy finish. The texture adds an element of edginess, which means you’ll have all of the comfort and a little extra sass when you rock these shoes! Just what every outfit needs, am I right?

Check out the shoes below, and be prepared to hit up the Adidas website on June 1st to add them to your personal collection.

You can go this route and get a pair with a black logo.

Or do the green.

You really can't go wrong either way!