Why You Should Love Your Weird-Looking Knees

by Christine Stoddard

Your legs were meant for lovin' and that includes the joints smack dab in the middle of them. No matter their size, shape, color, or texture, you deserve to love your knees.

What? They're "saggy"? "Fat"? "Bony"? Hairy? Full of scars? Pssh, even if they're kinda bizarre (everyone's are), these babies work hard for you. And when they don't work, it's torture or, at the very least, inconvenient. Remember the first time you skinned your knee and how much that boo boo hurt? That must've put you out of commission from the sandbox for AT LEAST 10 minutes. Since then, you may have suffered sports injuries and, gee, those weren't fun, were they? Hopefully arthritis or osteoporosis are a never-ever for you (or at least in the far future), but if and when they come, you will long for the days when your knees were fearless. Don't diss your knees.

If you're wearing jeans in July, it should be because you want to wear jeans, not because you want to shield your knees from the world. Be fearless by throwing on shorts or shorter skirts come summertime. It's hot now and it will only get hotter. Cool off and don't stress about what your knees look like. All they need is sunscreen.

If you still need some convincing, here are three reasons to adore your knees:

1. They help you walk all around town.

A good walk invigorates you. It allows you to explore, soak in new sights, and give yourself time to think. It's a healthy way to burn calories and figure things out. If nothing else, walking lets you move from one end of the bar to the other end where that cutie's hanging out. So thank your knees for making it possible, in part, for talking to said cutie.

2. They are a bendy point.

Yoga. Gymnastics. Skiing. Plain old kneeling. Give your knees credit for all the bend-tastic moments in your life. Nobody knows how to bend like your knees, except maybe your elbows (hey, they're pretty awesome, too).

3. They remind you it's the most laid-back time of year.

If the word 'summer' doesn't conjure up images of fun and relaxing stuff like BBQs and chasing fireflies, you're doing it wrong. When you start seeing knees everywhere, all the time, it means that sunny skies, fireworks, and hotdogs are here at last. Join the knee party and have a grand summer!

Images: Dominik Martin/Unsplash; pedrosimoes7, takebackyourhealthconference/Flickr; RyanMcGuire /Pixabay.