These Cakes Are Almost Too Pretty To Eat

It's always kind of weird to find out what teachers do in their spare time — everyone is a little awkward if they come across their AP literature teacher performing slam poetry on open mic night, or catch their band director at the local Hooters. If there's any exception to that rule, however, it would be high school teacher Katherine Sabbath and her Instagram, which is devoted to documenting her adventures in baking for her 120,000 followers. That's about 120,000 more followers than I have on any of my social media accounts, but I can't even be jealous because her cakes are just that beautiful. When Sabbath isn't busy shaping Australian teenagers into the leaders of tomorrow, she “bakes the world a better place," according to her Instagram bio. According to BuzzFeed, the teacher has had no training, but judging from her colorful and intricate creations, she didn't need any to start with. She bakes everything from "buttermilk breakfast cupcakes," complete with mini toast, eggs, and bacon decorations, to an "epic rainbow cake" for Gourmet Traveler. She's even tackled vegan baking with a raw vegan cheesecake that looks so good I literally felt my mouth water. (Seriously. I was a little taken aback when that happened.)

WARNING: The following images will make you so hungry, even if you're literally eating as you scroll through them. Proceed with caution.

Don't worry, there's plenty more where that came from. To see more of Katherine Sabbath's creations, check out her Instagram page.