Dyslexic Person's Reading Experience Simulated in Sam Barclay's Book

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Perhaps you, like me, know someone who's dyslexic. As a child, and still today, it's hard for me to understand the obstacles the dyslexic must overcome to read — a function which, for me, feels so natural, so much so that it's second only to breathing, even. But a beautiful book designed by Brit Sam Barclay, who has dyslexia, could bring the non-dyslexic a little closer to comprehension. This is, in fact, its primary goal; the work seeks to convey the condition's difficulties to a world largely unaffected, and therefore ignorant of them. "Great effort has been made to provide tools aimed at improving a persons reading but very little has been done to give those around them an understanding of what it really feels like to struggle in such a way," Barclay writes in his pitch on Kickstarter.com. Click on if you'd like to get a taste of what it like to read with dyslexia.

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