17 Little White Dresses In Every Style And Size For You To Wear All Summer Long

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Everyone, everywhere, at some point and time in their life has experienced the wonders of a little black dress, but not everyone is aware of its little white dress counterpart. It’s impossible to go wrong with such a classic item in such a classic color.

Let’s all be real here: Wearing black in the summer is not ideal. But wearing a little, flowing, and sophisticated dress is. So, let’s do some fashion math here. Start with an LBD, take out the color, add in the opposite of black, factor the result, and voila: A little white dress (LWD), also known as the answer to all your summer wardrobe troubles.

I’m not one for math (or numbers of any sort), but this kind of fashion and style equation I can solve. A LBD is a no-brainer in most situations, and I’ll even admit that I reach for mine whenever I’m at a loss for what to wear. But the thing about a little white dress is that it’s just as easy to wear, just as simple to style, and even better for those classic summer events — like going on vacation, chilling on the beach or by the pool, or even for a night out with friends. And thanks to inventive designers and brands, white is no longer reserved for just a bride; there are plenty of LWDs to choose from for any style and in any size.

So, here are 17 amazing LWDs to start wearing this summer, in both straight and plus sizes, from bohemian styles to preppy chic. And if you have a LWD in your closet already, here are 17 reasons to stop neglecting it now.

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