10 Classic Flats to Shop for Every Personality

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In a world of heels and cool sneakers, the humble flat occupies a perfect middle ground. Life is full of events too casual for heels and too formal for Toms — lunch with your boyfriend's parents, an interview at that Silver Lake juice bar, quick drinks at a new restaurant — and it's during those rocky moments of indecision that flats step calmly to your side, putting a comforting hand on your distraught shoulder and whispering, "It's okay. Pick me."

Every woman needs a go-to pair — those soft, worn-in flats that are practically molded to her feet. And they don't have to be classic ballerina flats, either; loafers, D'Orsay, and smoking shoes are all fair game. The only requirements: no heel, neutral color, and a classic, 365-days-a-year shape.

Image: Tori Telfer

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