Beyonce Slays Again In Tropical Stella Jean

Looks like Queen Bey may have a new favorite designer as Beyonce's fashion choices recently have been leaning in one very particular direction. The pop icon has now been seen twice (in less than a week) wearing Haitian designer Stella Jean's colorful and intriguing sartorial creations.

Her most recent ensemble features three simple but incredibly lovely Stella Jean pieces that just scream summer with those colors. Even though her Abuelo-style, oversized t-shirt gives homage to Burkina Faso's capital city and the skirt she pairs with it displays a fruit market print, it's still easy to think of gorgeous Caribbean beaches and living life on island time when you see Stella Jean's casual yet impeccable designs — which fuse her Haitian heritage with her Italian roots.

The singer chose to show off her curves and tuck the oversized shirt in, adding her own personal sense of style to the outfit like only Beyoncé can do.

The heels she's wearing are also Stella Jean floral-embellished leather sandals that finish off the look to perfection.

You can find the Stella Jean collection at Matches Fashion if you dare to indulge in some of the Beyoncé-favorited pieces.

Images: Getty; someaboutothers, CFashionistaCom, BeyonceBrasil/Twitter