Teresa Giudice Tweets Supporters From Behind Bars

Despite surrendering to my Netflix and spending hours upon hours of my time watching Orange is the New Black, apparently, I still have a lot left to learn about prison. Because, as E! Online points out, on Sunday, Teresa Giudice tweeted from behind bars. Listen, I can’t speak for her, but I'm sure that the Real Housewives of New Jersey star has a lot more to say that can truly be conveyed in 140 characters. Despite that fact, though, she made wise use of her unexpectedly sentimental social media shout out. Diehard fans, be prepared to be honored, because Giudice tweeted just for you.

Sure, she could have tweeted about practically anything. On the show, she was always quite vocal about her life and daily activities. But it appears that for her, at this particular moment, the most important thing was to send out a debt of gratitude to those who have been there for her through her difficult time. She tweeted to her followers, “Thank you everyone for all of the cards, letters, and kind words of support I love, love, love you all xo T!” Did you hear that, RHONJ fans? Giudice has nothing but love for you.

You can check out the emotional tweet below: