The Cast Of 'Secrets And Wives' On Bravo Is Even More Dramatic Than Those Real Housewives

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I've got to be honest. I'm not really sure why Bravo's new reality show Secrets and Wives isn't just called The Real Housewives of Long Island. Just like The Real Housewives, the cast of Secrets and Wives have gorgeous homes, plenty of, shall we say, enhancements to their appearance, and enough aptitude for bringing the drama.

But there is one big difference between Secrets and Wives and The Real Housewives franchise. While each installment of The Real Housewives centers on a group of "friends" in a particular city, you can tell that some women in the Housewives' casts just interact because they're on the show together. That's not the case with Secrets and Wives because the six ladies on the show have been friends for years on Long Island. Bravo even refers to them as a "sisterhood of friends." You definitely couldn't use that term to describe The Real Housewives.

With long-lasting, close bonds comes a lot of love, but so does a lot of baggage. Believe me, these ladies have that too. From dating each other's exes to gossiping about their new looks to the occasional backstabbing, the ladies of Secrets and Wives may not be Real Housewives, but they certainly know how to be just as dramatic, if not more.

Image: Mathieu Young/Bravo

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