Here's What The Kimye Baby Will Look Like (Or Not)

While we all process the massive celebrity news bomb that the Kardashian Media Moguls dropped on us at 10 p.m. on a Sunday night because they know they rule our lives and have no concern for the fact that Game of Thrones was airing a bonkers episode at the exact same time, you're probably asking yourself a million questions about the second Kimye baby. When is Kim Kardashian's new due date? What will Kim & Kanye name kid number two? And of course, because we all live in this creepy celebrity obsessed culture, we've all had the thought: I wonder what Kim & Kanye's second baby will look like? Will he or she look like little Nori?

Well, short of finding myself a crystal ball, I had to let my imagination run a little wild, at which point I just imagined another equally adorable youngin, destined to be dressed in clothes that I envy as a grownass woman despite my better judgement. Unfortunately, that doesn't really help you guys, since I'm not exactly great at sketching or drawing, I had to turn to the internet. If you really can't wait until Kim gives birth, and you just have to see the future right now, I'm here to help.

But don't say I didn't warn you that internet baby generators are very a tricky business, and most of these composite kids look like they belong over on Game of Thrones. I guess we'll have to use our imagination to find the realistic approximation of these morphed baby faces:

Apparently, the baby will enjoy scuba diving?

He or she will also have a severely mischevious look at all times.

Either that or the baby will look a whole lot like North West...

Which would be kind of awesome because North West is so cute I can't even deal.

And on that note, maybe we should all just wait until Kim & Kanye have the real thing? Yeah? Yes. A thousand times yes.

Images: Luxand.com; MorphThing