7 Reasons Why You Should Date A Middleborn, According To Science, Because All That Childhood "Middleness" Has Made Us Amazing Adults

If you're a middle child (also referred to as a "middleborn"), you've no doubt heard all the stereotypes associated with your birth order. Automatically, you are assigned "Middle Child" — which, according to popular belief, is a lifetime chip on your shoulder, brought on by a childhood full of neglect. But science shows otherwise. In fact, if you look at the personality characteristics that research says many middleborns have, one could make the argument there are actually plenty of benefits of being a middle child that extend far into adulthood. According to psychologists, middle children are well adjusted, good listeners, creative, independent and loyal.

Think about the family unit as a testing ground for life: from a young age, middleborns must learn to find ways to negotiate attention and influence amid the Achiever firstborn and Life Of The Party youngest child. And while it may take longer for them to find their role within the family system, this can actually help the middle child become more independent, and develop traits for working (and playing) well with others.

Below are seven scientific reasons why dating a middleborn is the bomb. And just to prove the point that middleborns are awesome, we've selected seven (plus one more!) incredible middleborn celebrities to present each fact.

1. Middleborns like compromise.

Middleborns are usually seen as the mediator in the family — and those negotiation skills learned in childhood are helpful in friendships as well as romantic relationships. Because they are concerned with fairness, middleborns are often even-tempered, have a "take-it-or-leave-it" attitude, and like to be cooperative and flexible.

2. Middleborns are sexually open-minded.

Yep, you read that right. Middleborns are less judgmental of other people's sexual interests, and potentially more willing to try new things in bed.

3. Middleborns go well with anyone.

It's a fact: birth order can play a role in romantic compatibility. Some scientists have likened middleborns to Type O blood - that is, their personality makes them a good match for just about anybody, regardless of their birth order.

4. Middleborns are more likely to be faithful to their partner.

Research shows that in long-term romantic relationships, middleborns are significantly less likely to cheat than older and younger siblings. How about a round of applause for that one reason?

5. When a middleborn loves you, they really love you.

Middleborns often tend to place more importance on non-family relationships than their siblings do. Scientists surmise that because middle children receive less attention from family members, they may put more stock in interacting and maintaining high-quality relationships with friends and lovers.

6. Middleborns don't feel as entitled as their siblings.

Because of their placement in the family, the oldest and youngest children are often made to feel special — and sometimes, entitled. Not so with the middle child. They may feel they are born too late to get the privileges and special treatment of the firstborn, and born too early to be spoiled (as the youngest child often is).

7. Middleborns are independent and creative.

Psychologist Catherine Salmon and Katrin Schumann who co-authored The Secret Power of Middle Children, believe there are some hidden benefits to not receiving as much attention or pressure from parents. And one of those is a sense of independence and the ability to think outside the box a bit more than firstborns and lastborns. Some may even refer to middleborns as free spirits.

If you're already dating a middleborn, hats off to you! If not, well, you might want to get on that. Like, immediately.

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