Donut Clothes & Accessories To Help You Celebrate The Sweetest Holiday Of The Year

You guys! Friday, June 5 is National Donut Day, and we're ready to celebrate in style. Reese Witherspoon had the right idea with her donut pool float, and it's time for us to follow suit. Being a donut lover isn't just a phase, it's a lifestyle. So what better way to celebrate than owning some of the tastiest merchandise around? Try not to drool all over your keyboard.

I Heart Donut Flip Flops

Perfect to rock on the beach or at the pool, these donut flip flops show off your pastry-loving style.

Donut Flip Flops, $16.99,

Cell Phone Love

Cell phone covers are the best way to express yourself. Nothing shows off your commitment to donuts like having it on your cell phone case.

iPhone Case, $23.51,

Donut Care

Go ahead and eff some beauty standards while expressing your love for donuts.

I Doughnut Care About Your Ridiculous Beauty Standards Tee, $28,

Donut O'Clock

What time is it? Time for another donut!

Donut Clock, $24.99,

Charming to Eat You

Have trouble finding your keys? Never loose sight of them with this pink donut keyring.

Donut Keychain, $25,

I Heart Donuts Trucker Hat

Ashton Kutcher circa 2007 would have adored this hat, don’t you think?

Trucker Hat, $13.99,

Donut Onesie

Have a little one with a sweet tooth? Get their donut-loving started early with this child-sized onesie.

Infant Bodysuit, $19.99,

Sweet Earrings

Spice up your style with these cute donut earrings.

Donut Earrings, $4.50,

Yummy Arm Candy

Talk about arm candy! This yummy bracelet is perfect for donut-lovers looking to add some donut-flare to their fashion choices.

Donut Bracelet, $15,

Shower in Style

This is just plain cool. A donut shower curtain? Talk about bathing in style!

Shower Curtain, $59.99,

Donut Float

You want it, you need it! Nothing says it’s summer time like an epic pool float.

Donut Pool Float, $24.99,