8 Reasons Moving With A Lot Of Clothes Sucks

by Chloe Mackey

Summer is the most popular season for moving, so many people out there are currently rediscovering the pure torture of moving all of their belongings into a new apartment or home — especially moving with a lot of clothes. The slew of boxes and moving vans and general feeling of doom is enough to make anyone go crazy, but no group of people have it worse during a move than the stylishly-inclined. I pity the blogger who decides her style really vibes better with the opposite coast.

Sure, furniture and appliances might be heavier and more difficult to get from place to place, but I assure you that nothing is worse than trying to organize, fold, and pack a sizable collections of clothes. Sweaters take up so much space! There's no good way to pack shoes (unless you saved the original boxes... LOL)! Your necklaces are doomed to be tangled into the sparklier version of a rat king! It's just one big sartorial nightmare after the next. If you're still not convinced, I have eight reasons that might convince you that in moving while fashionable is the most stressful thing to be.

1. Your clothes seem to have given birth to new clothes while you weren’t looking.

Going through your wardrobe to prepare for a move raises a lot of questions. When did you buy that black pleather catsuit? Or those neon pink go-go boots? At what point did you look at those items in a store and thought, "yep, I need that"? The answer is you didn't, and your closet has gained sentience and started multiplying on its own. At least that's what you should tell yourself.

2. Throwing out or donating old clothing feels like abandoning your children.

Sure, you're never going to wear that ratty old t-shirt again, but what about that time your high school crush told you it was cool during homeroom? You're throwing away memories, here. And it's not fun.

3. OK, so you might actually be a hoarder.

There's always this stage in moving where you just look at all of your clothes are in piles on the floor and await a TLC film crew to walk in at any moment. You realize that this isn't healthy, but it is also out of your control. You accept your fate.

4. A shirt or two might not be heavy, but there's power in numbers.

When did fabric start weighing more than solid gold? When you stuffed a bunch of it in boxes and tried to navigate a fourth-floor walk-up, that's when. And I mean, it kind of makes sense considering the average pair of jeans weighs somewhere around two pounds.

5. Trying to transport a large collection of shoes? Forget it.

Shoes are the worst things to pack, period. First, there's no strategic folding strategy or layering trick you can do to organize a giant pile of shoes. It will always be simply that: a pile of shoes. Secondly, if you thought clothes were heavy, nothing compares to the sheer weight of a box full of all of those espadrilles you had a phase with last year. Carrie Bradshaw just makes it look easy.

6. You have to completely rethink your entire storage strategy.

A change in closet size or drawer space completely sets off the delicate balance of clothes storage. Even moving to a bigger place can cause an organizational nightmare.

7. You could have sworn you packed that crop top you love in your “summer basics” box, but it’s nowhere to be found.

No matter how organized you approach your big move, the cruel reality is that at least something is going to get lost in the madness. With a large wardrobe, however, one thing usually turns into five things, and you can't help but wonder what person is going to buy your favorite LBD at Goodwill after you totally accidentally threw it in with your donations.

8. You finally get moved in, and inevitably celebrate by buying new clothes.

So the cycle continues, leaving you to squeeze your clothes into any space you occupy. Be honest, you wouldn't want it any other way.

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