7 Loving Joe & Beau Biden Quotes That Signify Their Strong Father-Son Relationship

Few people were hit harder with the death of Beau Biden, who passed away from brain cancer on Saturday at the age of 46, than his father, Vice President Joe Biden. After nearly losing Beau once as a young child, Joe raised his eldest son to become a fine politician, proving he really was his father's son, and an even finer man. The two remained extremely close throughout their lives, each giving the other shout-outs and loving words of support any chance they had. Joe and Beau's quotes about their father-son relationship give a poignant sense of how strong their bond was.

The final few years of Beau's life were sadly embattled by health problems, having suffered a stroke in 2010 and then being diagnosed with brain cancer in 2013. After undergoing chemotherapy and radiation and being in remission for two years, Beau suffered a recurrence of his cancer earlier this month and died at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Saturday.

Tragically, this wasn't the first time the vice president has felt such immeasurable loss. In 1972, Joe lost his first wife, Neilia, and their infant daughter, Naomi, in a car accident right before Christmas. Beau and his younger brother, Hunter, were also injured in the incident, but luckily pulled through. Nearly losing Beau has undoubtedly fortified an unparalleled, unbreakable bond between father and son. As Meet the Press's Chuck Todd put it, "they were best friends."

That same sentiment can be felt in Joe and Beau's own words to and about each other. Here are seven of the most touching father and son quotes about their bond.

Joe On Beau's Passing

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After Beau passed away on Saturday, the Biden family released a statement from the vice president's office. His father wrote about his son:

Beau On His Father Putting Him & His Siblings First


Beau had the opportunity to introduce his father at the 2008 Democratic National Convention, where he opened with such a simple yet stirring line: "Good evening. I'm Beau Biden. And Joe Biden is my dad." He went on to describe how Joe always made his kids a priority, even at the beginning of a very busy Senate career.

Joe Reiterating Why His Kids Always Came First

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Just earlier this month, Joe spoke at Yale University's Class Day, where he described to the crowd his long commute between Washington D.C. and his home in Wilmington, Virginia. He's proud to say that his early days as a senator were equally defined by watching his kids grow as they were by Senate events.

Joe On Being Immensely Proud Of Beau

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After his son's warm introduction at the 2008 DNC, Joe returned the favor by letting Beau know just how proud he was of his eldest son.

Beau Asked America To Look Out For His Dad

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Also at the 2008 DNC, Beau asked the crowd and America for a huge favor. Because his dad was always there for him growing up, he wanted to make sure there'd always be someone watching out for dad.

Joe On His Sons Being His Savior


Joe would have been completely lost after the tragic accident that killed his first wife and daughter Naomi had it not been for his sons, Beau and Hunter. He told the crowd at Yale:

Joe On Welcoming His Son Home From Iraq

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In 2010, when speaking at the Veterans of Foreign Wars 111th National Convention, Joe recounted a very personal story with an important veteran in his life, his son Beau.

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