Passenger Sees Someone Duct Tape The Plane Before Takeoff, And 6 Other Things Nervous Fliers Never Need To See — VIDEOS

Flying—although truly 100% majestic and unavoidable—isn't a big crowdpleaser. Flying and the people you meet on an airplane generally suck. Though usually, those annoyances are minor and limited to stuff like TSA anxiety, your contact lenses drying out, bad food, and chatty plane neighbors. None of that is going to kill you (even though perhaps your soul itself and its livelihood are less safe). This guy had quite the scare with a legit threatening sight: He caught techs duct taping the plane before takeoff.

Liverpool man Adam Wood caught folks literally taping a plane back together before liftoff when flying easyJet on Friday. He posted a photo of the concerning view on Twitter, adding: "Always worrying when @easyJet are duct taping the plane together :-s #finaldestination." EasyJet's social media team reacted pretty quickly, reassuring him and all his followers that the tape was meant to remedy a cosmetic issue—nothing that would endanger his impending flight. They said it had to do with the paint. And as it turns out, the vested gentlemen tending to the plane probably weren't even using duct tape exactly. Some speculate they used something called speed tape that just happens to look a whole lot like the kind of tape everyone has in a drawer...somewhere. Speed tape is apparently used all the time in air travel so techs can carry out quick solutions and avoid additional delays. seems Wood survived because he's still tweeting. Regardless, that's gotta be quite the rattling glimpse just before lifting off. He must be a fairly confident or at least relaxed flyer. Lots of people are completely consumed with anxiety when boarding a huge jet like this. Imagine how FREAKED they would have been in Wood's spot! In fact, if you're scared at all of flying, you might wanna skip the next bit of this post. Here's a compilation of videos nervous flyers will never want to see:

The plane cracking mid-flight

"It's all inside," the attendant says but IS IT?

Horror movie level turbulence

THIS is why I tend to have either a generous pour of bourbon or melatonin pre-flights. Being jostled awake on a plane might be the scariest way to exit a dream ever.

The airplane catching fire

Does not seem like protocol even a little.

Cabin pressure going kaput

Pretty sure "randomly descending" is a phrase that offers literally no one anything remotely resembling comfort.

Almost hitting a freaking sky diver

I supposed one could argue this would be way scarier for the sky divers but who needs to skydive, really? No one. Ever. Anyway, it seems pretty stressful to be on a plane heading straight toward airborne humans. Yikes.

The plane just actually completely falling apart

"Fatigue cracks"? "Gaping hole"? "NOSE DIVE"? Nope. No thank you very much.