We Tried Applying Makeup Without A Mirror

by Julia Guerra

You’ve been doing your own makeup for years now; you're basically a pro. Every morning it’s the same routine. You know it backwards and forwards. But could you apply makeup without a mirror? A group of Bustle editors decided to give it a go, putting their cosmetic abilities to the test and proving how well (or not so well) they know their beauty routines. As hysterical as this experiment was, when it comes down to it their success levels are on all ends of the spectrum. Overall? I'm impressed. For those of you reading, I would absolutely encourage you to try this at home. It might go better (or worse) than you think.

It's a given that we all probably know the basics. Applying primer and foundation is a cake walk. A single shade of eye shadow and swipe of the lipstick should be a breeze. But if you thought putting on makeup in a moving car was difficult, try swiping your eyeliner in a straight line with only your fingers and muscle memory to guide you. And just wait until you see just how bold your red lip is once you color over the same spots multiple times with your trusty liner. Long story short: Without a mirror it is really, really hard to know what you're doing to your face. But why try it yourself when we've already done it for you, right?