Caitlyn Jenner's Family Reacts To Her Big Reveal

It's official: There's another Kardashian/Jenner woman to be insanely jealous of. After Jenner promised that we'd meet "her" when the time was right, she's finally here — and she's gorgeous. On Monday, Caitlyn Jenner was revealed on Vanity Fair 's July 2015 cover, and it's amazing to know that after years of keeping this secret, she's finally happy and able to be herself. The cover is beautiful, and so is Jenner. In fact, my only disappointment is that Caitlyn isn't spelled like a "K" like the rest of her family. And speaking of the rest of her family, are they feeling just as pumped as she is that she's out in the open? You can bet they're ready to support her 100 percent.

As soon as the cover went public, members of the oversized Kardashian/Jenner clan started heading to social media to share their reactions, and they couldn't be happier for her. As we've seen from Jenner's interview with Diane Sawyer and E!'s Keeping Up With the Kardashians: About Bruce special, the family has been behind Jenner's journey every step of the way, and it's great to see that nothing has changed. Caitlyn has arrived, and I have a feeling things are only going to go up for her from here.

And here is a behind-the-scenes video Vanity Fair released of Jenner's photo shoot:

Image: Vanity Fair