Benefit Just Added Color To Its Collection

by Emily McClure

Beauty junkies, it's time to rejoice. On Monday, June 1, Benefit expanded the "They're Real" line to include to include new fun colors such as blue, purple, green, and brown. Benefit is deeming the expansion of products as the new #killercolors, which will be available for purchase on June 26. My lashes are quivering with excitement.

For the past five days, Benefit Cosmetics' Instagram has gone black. Well, black and white that is. The beauty company's Instagram has been posting photos exclusively in gray-scale, and using the hashtag #liftthefog. We know that the company's hometown of San Fransisco is foggy, but there had to be more to it than that. For the past few days, the rumor mill has been buzzing about the possible meaning behind the campaign. However, beauty junkies rejoiced when Benefit #liftedthefog to reveal a pop of color in their usually all-black collection.

Currently, the "They're Real" line includes a mascara, eyeliner, and an eye-makeup remover . Benefit claims that these colors will be perfect for summer, however, could this mean that these new colored products will be waterproof (fingers crossed)? With the cosmetic line's popularity, I'm sure the Benebabe community will be ready to put these new colors to the test. Here is to hoping that these new colors will be perfect for our beach bags!