7 Times Kim Kardashian And Kylie Jenner Wore Similar Looks For Total Sisterly Vibes

OK, I might have borrowed (or stolen) items from my sisters' closets from time to time in my life; and if you have an older sister(s), I'm willing to bet you also borrowed — with or without permission — some of her clothes as well. Well, Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian are a prime example of a younger sister who looks up to her older sister when it comes to numerous things, especially style.

Just like so many sisters, the Kardashians display their sibling drama when it comes to borrowing clothes quite often on their reality television show. From Kim arguing with Kourtney about borrowing new clothes without permission to Kylie wearing Kim's items on the red carpet without notifying Kim first, these ladies have had their fun with sartorial sister drama.

Let's be serious, though: Most of us would die to raid Kim Kardashian's fabulous closet. I can just imagine how enormous and luxurious it is. Plus, Kanye West helped organize Kim's wardrobe, which is even more reason to want to borrow items from her closet. If Kim Kardashian was my sister, I would sneak stuff from her 'drobe, too. So no shame, Kylie. No shame!

I rounded up seven similar looks that Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner rocked to prove that sometimes sisters just have to share clothing — whether they like it or not.

1. Black Cutout Bikini

While in Miami, Kylie took some cool, sexy photos at the Versace mansion. As a response to these photos, Kim decided that it would be a great idea to borrow her little sister's bikini to take a mirror selfie. Do I sense a little sibling-competition? Maybe, or maybe not.

2. White Dress

Last year, Kim wore a white maxi dress with a side slit to her friend Ciara's baby shower. A year later, her little sister Kylie rocked a similar look on the red carpet at Upfronts. While Kylie's dress had more detailing to it, it still came off as a look inspired by her big sis.

3. Red Bodycon Dress

"Ladies in red" is how I would describe these similar looks. Kim is wearing a luxurious red dress by Alexander McQueen while Kylie decided to recreate the look for less by wearing a red dress from H&M.

For better or worse, both sisters looks great in red — or any color, in my opinion.

4. Camel Coat

Camel coats were one of Kim K's closet essentials when her hubby Kanye West revamped her closet. Kim would rock her camel coats to dinners and other simple day/night activities. I guess her donning a camel coat during basic everyday errands rubbed off on Kylie, because she, too, was seen wearing a trendy camel coat while on the go.

I guess Kylie learned from her big sister that you can dress glamorously no matter what activities you are participating in.

5. Denim On Denim

I think these sisters are trying to make denim skirts happen again (or perhaps they are already making them happen). I believe they both wore the denim skirts quite well, so now I am browsing denim skirts online for my summer 2015 closet.

6. Bandeau And Matching Skirt

Matching bodycon coordinates seemed to be Kim K's signature look for 2014, so obviously her little sister was going to continue this fashionable trend in 2015. Kylie has been seen rocking numerous bandeau tops with matching skirt numbers within the last several months.

7. Grey Sweatpants

"Sweatpants, hair-tied, chilling with no makeup on.." OK, I am done with the Drake lyrics. But really, these sisters are queens of taking matching mirror selfies while donning grey sweatpants. Kim is leading by example in showing Kylie that it is OK to sport a comfy pair of trousers and feel confident while doing so. Good job, guys!

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