Taylor Swift Dancing Backstage Proves She Doesn't Do Those Adorkable Dance Moves For Anyone But Herself — VIDEO

If you're one of those people who thinks that Taylor Swift only dances in the front row at award shows for the attention, prepare to reevaluate when you see the footage of Taylor Swift dancing backstage as she preps for a show. Swift is currently in the early stages of her 1989 tour, and an audience member seated really far to the side of the stage had an unobstructed view behind the scenes. There, she could see our girl dressed and ready for her entrance, dancing around to the song playing over the loudspeakers. And, when I say "dancing around," I don't mean the kind of dancing around that most of us do, where we shuffle uncomfortably from foot to foot or awkwardly fling our body around. Swift is like... getting. Down.

She's dropping it low, strutting, shaking her hips — I'm pretty sure that I never understood truly the phrase "dancing like no one is watching" until I saw this video. Swift clearly has no idea she's being filmed, which makes it even more obvious that she's doing it solely for herself, because she enjoys it. And probably because it gets her amped up to do an incredibly high-energy show for thousands of people. Seriously, just watch the video, and try to tell me that this girl isn't doing what she loves and living her dream.

Those moves, you guys. THOSE MOVES. Let's all take a page out of Swift's book and try to give zero effs at least once every day.