9 Ridiculous Bans That Still Exist

by Kendyl Kearly

Now that marriage equality is finally here and the Supreme Court has decided that banning same-sex marriage is unconstitutional, it's high time to take a look at other ridiculous bans that still exist — because, by 2030, it's going to seem even more flat-out insane that the United States' LGBT citizens couldn't get married until freaking 2015. Now, banning cat ladies in Kansas is a very different, I admit — but it's still bizarre that in our apparently progressive, modern-day society, some of these bans actually still exist.

This landmark decision has finally forced all states in the country to recognize gay marriage, and it's definitely a historic moment to be in the United States and to be an American. To many, preventing gay marriage fell under the same category as segregation laws of the 1960s and was widely considered a major human rights injustice. The removal of this ban begs the question of what other silly bans are present under United States law.

We typically think of unnecessary bans as the norm for corrupt or impoverished countries, such as Romania's 1980s ban on the Scrabble board game, Iran's ban on spiked hair, and China's ban of all time-travel-related entertainment. However, the United States has its own list of ridiculous bans still on the books. Don't believe me?

Banned Cat Ladies

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images News/Getty Images

A town in Kansas has essentially banned cat ladies by imposing a law that says no household may contain more than four cats, according to The Daily Beast. The law is in place to prevent residents from hoarding felines.

Banned Ice Cream In The Pocket

In Alabama, it's illegal to have an ice cream cone in a back pocket, according to The Huffington Post. Apparently, this is an old law that exists because the old ice-cream-in-the-back-pocket trick was a way to steal horses. Until this law, it wasn't considered stealing if the horse followed you home.

Banned Bicycle In The Pool


In California, it's illegal to ride a bike in a swimming pool, according to The Sacramento Real Estate Voice. California has all sorts of crazy other bans on the books, such as one that prevents eating an orange in the bathtub or a ban on wearing high heels within the city of Carmel.

Banned Yearbook Acronyms

William Thomas Cain/Getty Images News/Getty Images

A Georgia elementary school banned the use of acronyms and slang such as LOL and OMG in student yearbooks. Before the kids could receive copies of their yearbooks, they had to sign pledges that promised they would not use such slang, according to WSB-TV.

Banned Form-Fitting Pants

AFP/AFP/Getty Images

A law in Delaware prohibits form-fitting pants, according to The Huffington Post. Unfortunately, that's not a school rule but a state law.

Banned Unusual Haircuts


One town in Texas has a law that prevents children from having "unusual haircuts." A seventh grader was suspended as a result of this law, according to NBC.

Banned Coins In The Ear

JACK GUEZ/AFP/Getty Images

Hawaii has a ban on coins being placed in ears, according to My San Antonio. The Honolulu magician community must be furious.

Banned Superhero Play

Quinn Rooney/Getty Images News/Getty Images

A parent posted a notice on Reddit that a preschool sent home, urging parents to prevent their children from consuming superhero-related media, according to The Huffington Post. The school added that it now had a ban on “wrestling, super hero play and monster games."

Banned Gender Equality


According to The Sacramento Real Estate Voice, it's illegal in California for a secretary "to be alone in a room with her boss." It's hard to tell which is more offensive: the wording or the implications.

Now that gay marriage is legal, we really should be sinking resources into getting rid of all these bans. The Supreme Court is going to have a busy year.

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