52 Tattoos To Help You Rep Your Hometown

When you move away from your hometown, whether for college, a better way of life, or business, you can't help become nostalgic whenever you see a reference to the place you grew up. What better way to keep that pride alive than getting a state outline tattoo or other piece of permanent ink to rep your hometown?

I couldn't wait to get out of my small town in New Hampshire. When I found myself faced with going back after college, I chose to live out of my car instead of going back to a place without the diversity I had become so used to. I moved around to many different cities and finally, as "luck" would have it, ended up back in New Hampshire after Hurricane Sandy. Through adult eyes that had seen other places, I fell back in love with my town. The things I hated became little quirks about my hometown that were unique. The friendly people, the chain restaurants, the Dunkin Donuts on every corner, and even the gun ranges that used to leave me with a slew of gripes soon left a sparkle in my eye. Every now and again, I'll meet someone with an Old Man Of The Mountain (RIP) or "Live Free or Die" slogan tattoo — and we instantly become. Like it or not, our hometowns shape and mold us.

You can go beyond the quintessential state outline tattoo to give you a gentle reminder of your roots. The fun part about state or hometown tattoos is when you meet people with similar ink it instantly strikes a conversation of intimacy where you get to share your gripes and loves about growing up. Unlike tattooing the name of a significant other that you may end your relationship with, any hometown pride tattoo remains relevant forever. You'll always be from that special place and can still call it home after years of separation.

In honor of representing our hometowns, the ones we couldn't get away from, the ones we can't wait to get back to, and the ones that have become our new homes, here are 52 tattoos to show your hometown pride.

1. Minnesota

This Minnesota tat will keep the memories alive and adding a reminder in the state outline is a great way to make your hometown tattoo unique.

2. New York

A wrist tattoo of a cityscape that reminds you of home? Yes please.

3. Ohio

If you're from Ohio, you are very lucky. This heart-shaped state outline is aesthetically pleasing shaded or unshaded.

4. New Hampshire

This tattoo of the Granite State reps the good parts of New Hampshire, the nature, the stars at night, and the mountains that were once home to the Old Man.

5. Vermont

Vermont, NH's upside down cousin, has a lot of great ideas for prideful state tattoos. The maple syrup, the nature, and the beautiful snow fall in the winter are awesome ways to keep the pride alive.

6. Colorado

Like I said, it's not all about state outlines. A scenic, intricate design can leave a little more to the imagination and leave lasting, prideful memories in permanent ink.

7. New Jersey

An area code makes for a unique piece of hometown pride ink.

8. The Whole World

How could I leave out my pals that have lived all over the world? This back piece of the world map is beautiful and shows that you don't have to only call one place home.

9. New York City Skyline

This foot tattoo is a great outline of New York City, whether you call the Big Apple home or whether you are a transplant that has found a new home, this tattoo is booming with pride.

10. California

Loving this elaborate state line that highlights the beauty of San Francisco, the poppies, the mountains, and the trees are stunning.

11. Massachusetts

A small outline on your hand to remember the commonwealth: the first state to legalize gay marriage and home to one of the most prideful group of sports fans I've ever encountered.

12. Tennessee

Another great outline, this Tennessee tattoo is music to any homesick native's ears. A simple reminder of the great sounds this state has brought the world.

13. Georgia

Adding a flag to your state tattoo will keep Georgia on your mind throughout your travels away from home.

14. Virginia

A beautiful rose in the center of an outline Virginia to remind yourself that Virginia is for lovers.

15. Oklahoma

If you want to get serious with your hometown pride, this Oklahoma tattoo does the job right.

16. Arizona

You don't have to stay inside the lines on a state outline tattoo, this Arizona state tattoo has ideas coming in and coming out, making your hometown tattoo overflowing with pride.

17. Michigan

Don't feel like shouting out your state home for all to see? Go slightly abstract.

18. North Carolina

Raise up North Carolina, a floral arrangement can be absolute perfection for this beautiful state.

19. Florida

Florida natives have plenty of nature to work with, which can easily make your Florida pride unique in any state outline tattoo.

20. Wisconsin

Marking your hometown can be simple and show your loyalty to the place you grew up in.

21. Pennsylvania

I love this intricate design of a compass right smack in the middle of Pennsylvania.

22. Arkansas

Nothing is more prideful than donning your fave sports team to add color to your state home while representing your dream team.

23. Illinois

This state outline is booming with color, creativity, and pride, with a breathtaking lighthouse capturing the state of Illinois.

24. Maryland

This Maryland tattoo is a beauty with flowers, flags, and stunning detail!

25. Alabama

A gentle reminder of all your childhood memories can be easily incorporated into your statehood pride tat and for Alabamans, few people don't know which state is the Sweet Home.

26. Idaho

If you've got state pride coming out of your ears, then take your outline to the next level by boldly filling in your state with color and love.

27. South Carolina

No argument that most states outlines make for adorable foot tattoos.

28. Nevada

This double pride tattoo with a state outline and paw print for Nevada is all about state loyalty.

29. Louisiana

This state outline is a great way to show off your home's multidimensional culture and history.

30. West Virginia

Make a big statement with your state home tattoo with lots of color and nature. This tattoo will make people want to flock to those West Virginian mountains.

31. Mississippi

Bold lettering across your state tattoo will definitely let everyone know where you're coming from.

32. Texas

I love this state outline of Ohio inside the outline of Texas, as some of us have a few places we like to call home. This double outline is twice the fun and twice the pride.

33. Maine

This tree is a great way to show off Maine roots and the breathtaking forests this state is known for.

34. Washington State

If your state was a huge part of your life then why not make it a huge part of your body too? This large arm piece makes sure there is no mistaking Washington state pride.

35. Oregon

This Oregon state outline tattoo is perfectly placed and boasting with Oregonian love.

36. Alaska

Sometimes a state outline can't fit everything you love about your home. The mountains, the water, and the forest are a great way to see home everyday.

37. Hawaii

Let everyone know exactly where you're from with floral perfection and beautiful, telling font.

38. Iowa

A cute ankle tattoo of your state outline is a subtle way to answer the question "Where are you from" on your journeys away from home.

39. Nebraska

State birds frequently make for great tattoo fodder, and Nebraska's yellow-breasted Western meadowlark is no exception.

40. Connecticut

A clock tower you've driven past everyday growing up can be a great reminder of home, this tattoo how serious hometown pride.

41. Montana

This state outline is as naturally beautiful as your memories growing up in Montana.

42. North Dakota

You can show everyone you're dreaming of North Dakota with this exquisite dream catcher tattoo.

43. South Dakota

These wings for South Dakota will take you home whenever you're feeling nostalgic.

44. Utah

Insanely well-done scenery of your hometown is a great way to show off Utah state pride.

45. Kentucky

This Kentucky state outline is simple with some impeccable lines.

46. Delaware

Another scene to remind you of home that other Delaware natives will appreciate.

47. Indiana

Another large memory of your state home to keep with you at all times.

48. New Mexico

This tattoo definitely shows off New Mexican and Native roots that can never be forgotten.

49. Rhode Island

Make a serious statement with your hometown tattoo like this one and your state loyalty will never be questioned.

50. Missouri

A tattoo with a fancy font of your hometown name will let you take your state pride wherever you go.

51. Kansas

If only you could click your heels and return to your hometown whenever you were homesick. This Wizard of Oz tattoo will remind you there is no place like home.

52. Wyoming

This reference to "Into the Wild" is an awesome reason to remember why so many people choose your home state for serenity.

No matter where you're from, a tattoo is the perfect way to ensure you never forget your roots.