Actor Abandons Hollywood To Fight ISIS

British Hollywood actor Michael Enright, 51, has picked up a new role — but you won’t find this one on his IMDB page. The actor announced in an interview with Arab television station Al Aan TV that Enright has joined the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) to fight ISIS, the jihadist terrorist group, and is now in Syria.

In his interview, clips of which are posted on Al Aan TV's YouTube page, Enright said, "ISIS... They need to be wiped off completely from the face of this earth. They are a stain on humanity," and that, “This is a call: it's not just a Kurdish call, this is a call to humanity to obliterate them.”

He explained in his interview that he was inspired by observing a culmination of violent acts committed by ISIS that were heavily covered by the media, such as the beheadings of American journalists and the live burning of Jordanian pilot Moaz al-Kasasbeh. Referencing the British executioner, he said, "What was even worse for me was it was an Englishman who did it. ... I live in America, I feel such a debt to America, I love America with all my heart, and it was an Englishman who did it to an American citizen."

According to ABC News, Enright left Los Angeles several months ago without telling friends and family, later sending them a letter when he arrived in Syria. He also reports in the video that he changed his name to Mustafa Michael Ali and learned about Islam, reciting a memorized prayer in the interview.

Although he has no military experience, Enright seems serious in his efforts, saying in his interview, “If I have to die, then I die.” Despite his lack of experience, YPG has reportedly given him some training. YPG is the military subgroup of the Kurdish Democratic Union Party that works to defend Syria in the midst of the Syrian Civil War.

Enright's IMDB page boasts 29 credits. No doubt he’s been in some star-studded productions, but hasn’t made his big Hollywood break yet — most of his roles have been relatively small. Abandoning acting and fighting ISIS has been the most attention his career has received so far. But hey, there are no small parts, right? Here's where you might recognize the actor from.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (2006)

Alongside Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp (well, sort of), Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest is arguably Enright’s most notable film to date. In the action he played a deckhand in the film. Some media outlets, like ABC News, have reported that he “starred” in the film, but he actually had a smaller role.

Knight and Day (2010)

In this action packed romantic comedy Enright played a small part as a train engineer. Diaz plays June Havens, a normal women who gets pulled into the life of a spy, played by Cruise, who is hiding from authorities. Of course, chaos ensues.

Old Dogs (2009)

In the family comedy starring John Travolta and Robin Williams, Enright played “Singing Waiter 3.” Two best friends, played by Travolta and Williams, struggle when they unexpectedly are responsible for two young twins while trying to close a business deal. Just make sure to pause the movie if you take a bathroom break or you just might miss his appearance.

Images: Al Aan TV/YouTube (1); Walt Disney Pictures (2); 20th Century Fox (1)