Delightfully Creepy 'Mockingjay' Poster Revealed

Rebels have an official call to arms in the new poster for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2 . The Twitter account for Panem's Capitol has officially been taken over by the film's rebels, and they've shared a very creepy photo of President Snow — or rather, his likeness. During production of the first Mockingjay film, the Twitter account One Panem was a "pro Capitol" feed, which shared tweets about why it was important to stay loyal to the Capitol. The account even tweeted out a "propaganda poster," which featured all-white statues of captured Hunger Games rebels Johanna and Peeta alongside President Snow. Now, the games have quite literally changed: the rebels are gaining on the Capitol, and the new poster is very creepy depiction of what they want to do to President Snow.

The first Mockingjay flicked proved that the Capitol was on the verge of a collapse, so it's appropriate that the poster shows President Snow quite literally collapsed into himself. The same all-white statue is used for the new poster, but this time, the poster's perspective is from that of the very angry rebels. Gone are Johanna and Peeta — now, the poster features a crushed statue of President Snow. In the background is a spray-painted Mockingjay. It's an insanely powerful shot that proves that much like the rebels themselves, the last Hunger Games movie won't hold back.

Here was the original Mockingjay, Part 1 poster:

And here's the new one: