Angelina Is Damn Fierce As 'Maleficent'

It's been a while since it crossed our radar that Angelina Jolie would be playing iconic Sleeping Beauty villain Maleficent — basically, we haven't really thought about it since a couple summers ago when we were treated to shots of Jolie flying magnificently (and quite sillily) through the air while they were filming. But now we have a Maleficent poster! With Angelina Jolie! Which is a nice reminder that this movie is going to be coming out at some point. (See the full poster below!)

Let's brainstorm some phrases that pop into our heads as we first look at this poster: Leather. Popped collar. PALE. Fierce as hell. Some masterful drag contouring. Photoshop.

That last one is irksome mainly in the context of, like, all of the media — manipulated images making us feel bad about ourselves, etc., same old story — but within this particular case it actually makes sense. This isn't just a Disney movie in which the original villain is animated, it's probably one that's going to feature a large amount of CGI — we kind of doubt they were going for grittily realistic here. In this case (think Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland) they're definitely aiming for a heightened look.

Because, have you seen Angelina Jolie's cheekbones in this movie? They're always quite impressive, but dayum. (You can see what we're talking about below the poster.)

The movie itself comes out Summer 2014 and co-stars Elle Fanning.