Judi Dench And Other Activist Stars Pose Nude With Lobsters And Tuna For An Awesome Cause

Fashion make all kinds of statements, and six stars chose to make a very political one just in time for World Oceans Day coming up on June 8th. DailyMail shared photos and interviews with Judi Dench, Fiona Shaw, and Julie Christie, all stars in Fishlove's campaign to raise awareness about over-fishing and the devastation it causes to the ocean. The stars hope their photos will draw attention to the tragedies over-fishing causes to sea life populations, encouraging consumers to reach for more sustainable choices and less fish consumption in general.

The photos are part of a series that went viral earlier this year when Helena Bonham Carter posed nude with a 27 kg tuna fish. Participating in the campaign especially hit home with Dame Judi Dench, anxious to "highlight the increasing acidity of the world's oceans, a phenomenon caused by atmospheric carbon dioxide dissolving in the sea."She chose to pose with a sea lobster, claiming "the best part of the shoot was that it is not every day you get to cuddle with one."

Fellow participant Julie Christie was also eager to participate in the campaign. Christie opted to pose on a bed of fish with her hair fanned out, hoping the startling image will make people stop and question where their fish is coming from.

The charity behind the images, Fishlove, has already enjoyed some success from the campaign. After Bonham Carter's photos were released, the group was able to develop a marine-life reserve around the Pitcairn Islands, a British Overseas Territory. Hopefully the new pictures will help them reach even bigger goals!

Image Credit: Fishlove/Facebook(3)