Shia LaBeouf's "Just Do It" In Your Favorite Films

Shia LeBeouf, bless his soul, continues to out-Shia himself each and every new dawn. Our once impish yet gentle Louis Stevens has transform(er)ed himself myriad times over the years. While he is only 28-years-old, he seems much older (and wearier) of earth. But he is channeling that wizened experience and vision into motivation, especially helpful for just another Manic Monday: LaBeouf released a video from a new project dubbed "#Introductions" with a group of London fine art students he collaborated with, and his 30-minute clip has gone viral. Thirty delicious minutes of Shia LaBeouf accompanied by his rattail braid, meditating on life, love, death, art, dreams, and just doing it.

There's actually two entire intense, electric minutes in the middle of this performance where LaBeouf gets downright angry at the stagnation of the human spirit. "JUST DO IT." he says. "YESTERDAY YOU SAID TOMORROW, SO JUST DO IT. JUST DO IT." He performs against a green screen, almost certainly an invitation from LaBeouf and the group of fine arts students to insert Shia into whatever possible, and, as it usually does, the Internet has responded quickly and impressively. Here are some of the best Shia cameos, from 2001: A Space Odyssey to an impassioned and inspiring Ted Talk. The Avengers wins for best seamless use of green screen technology. Perhaps this versatile collection of cameo memes will help revive his acting career? Just do it, Hollywood.

Image: Youtube