'The Bachelorette' Sex Ed Date Proves The Guys Don't Know Much About The Female Anatomy

There have been some pretty awkward dates in The Bachelorette's history, but none will be quite as weird as the time Kaitlyn and the guys she chose to go on a group date decided to crash a school to provide some sex ed to a group of elementary school kids. Of course, the kids are all actors and it's totally a prank set up by Kaitlyn, but I think it's safe to say that the prank worked. The Bachelorette sex ed date ended up being one of the best ones the show's ever had, mostly because it's fun to watch these guys squirm.

Oh, and by the way — basically none of them actually understand how the female anatomy works, especially when bananas, condoms, and an actual model of a woman's reproductive organs was involved. If this was an actual sex ed class, these kids would be seriously confused, and would probably think that women had two vaginas. Not good.

And where periods are concerned? Josh has no idea. He described them as a time when women "die once a month" — an accurate description, if you ask me, but it's not really what happens... not to mention a terrifying way to present a natural, normal bodily process to girls who haven't experienced it yet. It's probably for the best that Kaitlyn set this prank up, because now she knows exactly what she's getting into. Smooth move!

And then, there was Ben H., who clearly did the best. He managed to actually do an awesome job explaining sex in terms that children would understand, and even invited Kaitlyn to participate, making their relationship part of their presentation. If the guys were being graded, Ben would definitely win this one. He's going for the rose, and he's going hard.

Image: Matt Petit/ABC