Guillermo Morales' Surprising 'So You Think You Can Dance' Audition Could Make Him One To Watch On The Stage Team

I can say with 100% honesty, I did not see this coming. When the So You Think You Can Dance Season 12 premiere introduced Guillermo Morales, the 19-year-old valet parking attendant from Miami, Florida, as the next contestant, I truly did not believe he was going to be good, let alone something special. But that's the beauty of these kinds of competitions, and SYTYCD in particular, people constantly surprise you with their talent. Morales' introduction into the show was a weird one. He explained that he was a parking attendant but the series decided to provide the dancer with a creepy, "player" vibe. He got an entire dream sequence with him where women in skimpy bikinis danced behind him and he was allowed a re-enactment of his daily job parking rich people's incredible cars.

When Morales finally made his way to the stage, it seemed like he didn't even know what style of dance he would be performing for his audition. To be fair, he apparently has only been dancing for about three years after years of being an athlete. After all that, can you really expect me to believe he would was going to be great? Seriously, look at how he explained his job and tell me that the way the show portrayed him made him seem immensely talented?

But as is often the case, I was proven wrong, and boy am I glad for it. Because Morales audition was not only great but proved that with the right choreographers and great mentorship, he could go extremely far in the competition. I can't even imagine what the Stage Team captain Travis Wall could do to help Morales grow. Let's first hope he can through some basic choreography to stay through the Las Vegas rounds.

I have faith in this guy, not just because he moves well and is incredibly athletic, but because he definitely does still have room to grow. His movements are raw which is a good thing and bad thing as he still needs a little help with balancing grace and power. He also needs to translate his dancing from being just about that athleticism to also having some true dance technique. But it's highly likely that he can do it. He has the talent, and I can't wait to see what he does with it.

Images: Screenshot/YouTube