The Wahlberg Reality Show Will Have the Most Amazing Guest Stars

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Oh may gawd, Tawmmy did ya he-uh dat? Dawnie and Maaaahhk Wahlberg are stahhrin’ in a new reality show ohn A&E. Okay, now that my horrendous Baaaaaahston impersonation, made with love, is out of the way, let’s get on with the news. Donnie Wahlberg officially announced a new reality TV show starring the Wahlberg clan and their Hingham, Massachusetts restaurant Wahlburgers (also the title of the show), is set to debut on A&E on January 22. That’s right, Mark, Donnie, and burgers. I know you’re thinking it too, it’s okay, we can all say it together: BEEFY.

The series goes behind-the-scenes into the restaurant whose Executive Chef is Paul, the proclaimed “most talented sibling” of the Wahlbergs. The show also has plenty of more MEAT (I’m so, so sorry) with a look into the Hollywood family and their Boston roots. So grab ya Mah and ya sistahhhs (sorry, I said I was done) and tune in for what will hopefully be one JUICY (I am the worst) show.

Wahlburgers also promises plenty of special guests in the restaurant including Alma, the matriarch of the Wahlberg clan, the REAL Johnny “Drama,” and the Wahlbergs’ original entourage, Henry "Nacho" Laun and Billy Leonard. Though, I’m sure there will be many more special guests popping into the restaurant.

Here’s a list of the guest stars we hope will appear on Wahlburgers:

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