Rihanna's 'You Will Never Own Me' Slogan Dress Says Something Really Important In Addition To Sparkling

Clothes can relay plenty of messages and that doesn't always mean a sassy, snarky saying slapped on the front side of a graphic tee. Rihanna wore a sparkly Di$count Universe dress with a slogan and the statement she and the dress made was an ever-important one.

Rihanna's dress statement read as follows: "You Will Never Own Me" in black and red block letters on the front, which spilled down the front of the clingy, ankle-length, and sequined orange dress. RiRi wore it with a blingy lock collar and strappy black heels.

The back was just as stirring and it read: "I Will Never Fear You."

Wow. That's some powerful, "Hell yes!" fashion right there, courtesy of Rihanna.

While words-less clothing, dresses, outfits, and ensembles can speak volumes, based on how much skin they show or don't show and how they are styled, Rihanna made an impactful and literal statement without even opening her mouth.

It's not surprising, since the singer's style and her fashion sense are the things for which she is most celebrated and she is further empowering an element of her brand and image which many may see as frivolous.

As if! Rihanna puts the power into her clothes and her look. Her clothes talk.

The dress hugs Rihanna's curves, but you can't help but be drawn to what it says. Her dress' front slogan reminds us that she is in charge, that it is she who wields the power, and that she makes the decisions. No one, not her label, not her Navy, not her ex Chris Brown, and not the critics will ever, ever be in charge of her. It's her way of making a feminist statement, IMO.

Why waste all that back space? The dress had a message on both sides and I think I just fell in love. I love how low it dips, as well. Maximum slayage right there.

I must add that I am so into Rihanna's blunt bangs. The bright orange hue is also statement-making, albeit not as large and loud as the dress, but Rih-with-bangs is one of my fave hair looks for her, especially when Rihanna goes red with her hair.

Oh, and thanks to Rihanna for putting the wordy, wonderful, and irreverent Di$count Universe on my radar.

Lovin' the Aussie brand's bondage pencil dress, pictured below.

Images: Discount Universe/Instagram (3)