9 Beauty Products In 'Legally Blonde' That Have Totally Stood The Test Of Time

From Clinique to OPI, there is a plethora of cult beauty products featured in Legally Blonde . We all know that Elle Woods was the most fashionable lawyer of 2001, but a closer look reveals she may have been a beauty guru as well. The very first scene opens on Woods using a tortoiseshell boar bristle brush, a favorite among hairdressers and celebrities. These high-end brushes are no joke when it comes to giving you a fabulous mane, so it's obvious from the start that Woods only surrounds herself with the best in beauty.

But what else would you expect from the President of Delta Nu? Her can-do attitude and modern feminist ways are definitely something to envy. Nothing like a perfect blow-out to get your ready for a day in court. However, it isn't just her hair that grabs attention: Her desk in the Delta Nu house has just as many OPI shades as Paulette's nail station.

From skin care to nail care, this girl has it all. She may not have been Warner's dream girl (such an idiot), but she definitely has the beauty products of our dreams.

1. Boar-Bristle Brush

Natural Boar Bristle Brush, $90, Sheila Stotts

Want shiny hair like Elle Woods? These brushes are completely up for the job, and worth the higher price tag.

2. OPI Nail Colors & Top Coat

OPI Nail Lacquer , $10, Amazon

The nail care products that dreams are made of. From Paulette's nail studio to Elle's college desk, these nail polishes are featured everywhere in the movie.

3. Clairol Herbal Essences Hair Dye in Number 14

Clairol Hair Color Dye Color Me Vibrant Herbal Essences Permant Color 16 Knockout Blonde, $10, Amazon

Want blonde locks just like Mrs. Woods? Grab a box of blonde hair dye, and get to work.

4. Clinique Happy Perfume

Clinique Happy Perfume, $67, Sephora

This was THE perfume of the early '00s. Smelling like Clinique's Happy perfume was the equivalent of being the queen of your LSAT prep class.

5. Clinique Cheeker's Blush

Clinique Soft-Pressed Powder Blusher, $23, S ephora

Clinique products are spotted all throughout the film, and both Paulette and Elle are seen dabbing on Clinique's famous blush. These green compacts were seen in everyone's handbag in the early '00s, so it's no wonder that Woods would have them too.

6. Clinique Foundation

Clinique Superbalanced Foundation, $25, S ephora

Is that a Clinique Superbalanced Foundation that I spot? Clinique foundations are known for their skin-loving benefits, so obviously it's what Elle would wear.

7. The Entire Clinique Skin Care Line

Clinique Great Skin, Great Deal Set For Combination Oily Skin, $26, Sephora

Just because Brooke Taylor was in prison doesn't mean she would stand for sub-standard skin care products. That gift basket above is mighty stocked.

8. Many Loofahs

Mesh Sponge Multi-Color 4 Pack In Mesh Bag, $6, B ed Bath And Beyond


9. Aromatherapy Candles

Diptyque Paris Roses Candle, $32, Nordstrom

Are they allowed candles in prison?

Images: MGM/Legally Blonde Screenshots (6); Courtesy Brands