9 Outrageous Jennifer Lawrence Quotes About Everything From Scary Tweens To "Armpit Vaginas"

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Who doesn't love Jennifer Lawrence? Dubbed by Rolling Stone as "America's Kick-Ass Sweetheart," it's clear that the Hunger Games actress has stolen hearts all across the country. Not only is she a talented actress with a wardrobe to die for, she is also refreshingly honest, especially in interviews. In fact, she's so honest that sometimes she says things that are just flat-out outrageous. From discussing her bodily functions to jokingly saying she is pregnant, it is clear that Lawrence has little to no filter. And she is aware of that much. After she told Chelsea Handler she should start "exercising [her] vagina," she admitted, "My publicist is going crazy right now." And you know what? That might just make her fans love her more.

Click through for nine of Lawrence's most out-there quotes.

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