Graphic Design Instagrammers to Inspire Your Weekend

Graphic designers are some of the most prominent and in-demand artists of the 21st century, but sometimes when we're talking "art," they get passed over for the sake of, I don't know, Bansky, sculptures, reminiscing about the good old days of Warhol's screenprinting. But the eye of a graphic designer is a unique thing, attuned to color combinations and real-life angles in a way that's all their own. So who better to kick off your weekend festivities than a bunch of artists who know their lines, their hues, and their fonts?

Image: @designlovefest/Instagram

Take a truly unique coffee shop photo

I get it, I really do. You order a perfectly crafted latte and a chocolate croissant at your favorite coffee shop and you just have to Instagram it. I've been there. I've Instagrammed it. But the world only needs a certain number of cappuccino selfies, and I believe the limit has been reached. When you go out to caffeinate this weekend, make it your goal to take a coffee shop photo that goes beyond the latte art.

Image: @nopattern/Instagram

Try cut-outs on your nails

Shamelessly steal this amazing manicure idea from DesignLoveFest. How witchy would it look in matte black?

Image: @designlovefest/Instagram

Plan your 2014 trips

Where would you go in January, if you had the cash? What about in February, to escape the sludgy Midwestern blues? Go offline and make a real-life Pinterest board of travel inspiration — it's called a "collage" — and think outside your city or town.

Image: @swopes/Instagram

Revel in weekend dressing

My favorite outfit in the whole world is the "brunch outfit." It's all about looking cozy and stylish at the same time, which is the best combination for clothing ever. With layered knits and ankle boots, this photo looks about right.

Image: @lynbacca/Instagram

Take a portrait of someone you love

You want to remember this weekend, don't you?

Image: @mikeperrystudio/Instagram

Make a blackout poem

One of the hardest things about writing is the act of coming up with the right words. Blackout poems require just the opposite skill — a keen editorial eye. Just cross out the words you don't need. It's the perfect low-key weekend activity for those feeling creative, but only as long as they can keep lying in bed with coffee and toast.

Image: @austinkleon/Instagram

Throw an outdoor party

Have you ever heard of someone throwing a party in their backyard in November? Be the first one. Embrace the bare branches and colorful leaves, warm your guests up with brandy apple cider and caramel popcorn, and pass around candles for faux fireside storytelling. When it gets too chilly, scramble back inside and dive under blankets.

Image: @sandrajuto/Instagram