5 Emotional Stages Of Getting Ready For A Lana Del Rey Concert This 'Endless Summer' Tour

As Lana Del Rey's 2015 Endless Summer Tour kicks off, many of us are all racking our brains to decide what to wear to a Lana Del Rey concert. Truth is, I'm a Lana Del Rey "fangirl," which is considered a giant step above your ordinary fandom. I tend to go a little crazy sometimes, and I have absolutely no problem admitting as much.

I just can't help it, you guys. I am completely enchanted by that sultry, smoky siren voice, moved by the poetry of her lyrics (that she writes herself, ahem) and inspired by her sense of style and love for fashion. She is the perfect combination of beauty, truth, vulnerability, and sadness. A broken beauty, and goddess to this self-identified sad-girl.

I have all of her albums, along with the album artwork displayed on my walls (alongside a giant framed photo I have of her), several Lana-inspired t-shirts, and I hope to one day get a lyric of hers tattooed somewhere on my body (which I'm really excited for). But for now, I'm waiting with breath that is bated to attend her Endless Summer Tour in Montreal, Canada. And I can't decide what to wear.

Lana Del Rey is a woman of many different looks, usually ranging from street-casual (think jean shorts, t-shirt, and some gold hoop earrings) to festival flower child (with her peasant dresses and flower crowns) to old-Hollywood glamour (long, elegant gowns with classic cat-eyes and red lips). She manages to flow from one look to another, which is something I relate to profoundly when it comes to personal style.

Like Del Rey, I happen to love a variety of different looks and styles, and what I wear and how I look depends heavily on what mood I'm in. So when it comes to deciding what to wear to a Lana Del Rey concert, I get frustrated by all the choices I have. In honor of my fashion frustration, let's take a look at the five stages of getting ready for a Lana Del Rey concert:

1. Freshen Up

The best thing to do first is to start fresh, and that means freshen up, girl. Once I've showered and washed and dried my hair, then I have a fresh, clean canvas to work with. I'll also freshen up on my Lana Del Rey music while I'm at it, popping on one of her records to listen to as I do my thang.

2. Beautify

Lana Del Rey, like me, favors a classic cat-eye and red-lip look when it comes to makeup. This is a look I tend to go for quite often, and will undoubtedly wear for the concert as well. Besides, you shouldn't mess with a good thing, right? "I got my red lipstick, got my makeup on."

3. Hair She Goes

My favorite way to wear my hair is long, loose, with big curls cascading down my shoulders. This is usually my go-to 'do (unless I'm rocking a braid, ponytail, or bun on my not-so-good hair days), and of course, how I'm going to wear my hair for her concert. There's always been something so traditionally feminine about long, loose, flowing hair, and ever since I was a little girl, I've been obsessed and enamored by it. A love I share with Lana Del Rey, no doubt. Think about it, you rarely see the singer without her hair down.

4. Which Tee?

Now that my makeup and hair are sorted, I need to figure out what I'm going to wear. Some people throw on a band t-shirt when they go to a concert, and I definitely thought of doing the same thing as an option for my Lana Del Rey concert attire. The only problem is, I have several Lana Del Rey t-shirts, so which one do I choose?

Do I go with one of the shirts I bought from the Del Rey concert I went to last year, or do I go with my favorite one, the "Born To Die" shirt in the style of a Jack Daniel's label? Sigh, decisions, decisions... maybe it's best to scrap the whole t-shirt idea altogether and go with something else. Peasant dress it is!

5. To Crown, Or Not To Crown?

OK, so it's a normal thing to wear a flower crown to a Lana Del Rey concert, as it's something Del Rey has personally helped make popular when it comes to recent fashion trends. I have a plethora of flower crowns I could wear (I used to make them, actually), and there's really no time more suited to wear a flower crown than a Lana Del Rey concert.

But do I really want to partake in a trend that I know every other fan at the concert is going to be sporting? The answer is yes, yes I do. When broached with the question, "To crown, or not to crown," I will always choose to wear the crown. Always.

Now that I "got my red lipstick, got my makeup on," have my hair long, loose and curled about my shoulders, have an outfit picked and a flower crown on my head, I'm officially ready for a Lana Del Rey concert, and I'm "gone baby gone."

Images: Courtney Mina; Giphy