A Pig Chase In Shelby Township, Michigan, Left The Swine Looking Really Smug — PHOTO

In an exceptionally sad news week, it's a welcome relief to learn that another animal has gone on the lam — that concept will never cease to amuse. This time the perp was significantly less graceful and agile than the two rogue llamas that evaded police for an hour in Arizona back in February. Law enforcement apprehended a pig on the loose in Shelby County, Michigan, last week and received an unwanted surprise when they took the animal into custody. The pig protested his arrest by defecating in the backseat of the squad car, and was still somehow miraculously able to avoid jail time.

The ordeal went down last Thursday evening when the Shelby Township Police Department received a call from a local woman, Debbie DeRiemaecker, who said there was a rogue pig roaming her yard. According to The Detroit News, DeRiemaecker was gardening in her yard when she spotted the pig coming towards her, chasing her into her front yard. When it got distracted by a lawn ornament, she immediately dialed 911.

Deputy Chief Mark Coil told the paper:

Just when you think you've seen it all. ... I've seen pigs at large, dogs at large, monkeys at large, parakeets at large, horses at large. For some odd reason Shelby Township is like Noah's ark.

But the episode did not end with the pig, whose name is Daisy according to some reports, being arrested. After reading Daisy her Miranda rights (I hope, at least) and placing her in the back of the squad car, the sly swine decided to stage her own protest by pooping all over the backseat.

On Thursday night following the arrest, the Shelby Township PD posted a picture of the pig on its Facebook, in which Daisy appears to be smiling from the backseat. A little later, the department posted a picture of the mess that she left with the caption, "Now we know why that pig is smiling in the first pic! Lol."

If there is one thing to be learned from this debacle, it's that the Shelby Township Police Department has an incredibly keen sense of humor. Amid unprecedented tension between law enforcement and the community, it's truly refreshing to see this side of the law. The department tried to respond to every single comment before it became too overwhelming.

Even when commenters alluded to the derogatory "pig" nickname often used to refer to police officers, the department maintained their sense of humor.

And they even dropped a hip-hop pun like a boss.

I mean, seriously, who is in charge of the Shelby Township Police Department's social media and can I meet them?

All jokes aside, after the thrilling chase, the pig was reunited with her owner, who picked her up from the station and offered to clean the squad car.

Images: Shelby Township Police Department/Facebook