6 Underrated Old Nicki Minaj Songs That Prove She Was Born To Be A Rapper — VIDEOS

It's undeniable: Nicki Minaj has become a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. The rapper has not only transcended from the underground to the mainstream music world, she has become a pop culture icon. Not only are people wondering what her next hip-hop hit will sound like, they are also wondering what she will wear next and what hard-hitting topics she will address in her next interview. Love her or hate her, Nicki Minaj is here to stay and her voice is being heard in this generation.

But some fans might be nostalgic for the "old days" back when the Jamaica, Queens native was still putting out mix tapes. After all, now she is constantly reinventing herself and her image. In fact, she switches it up so often that some newer fans of Minaj might have no idea what her earlier rap songs were even like.

So, what exactly did those "old days" entail? Well, there were less gimmicks involved, for sure. There were not nearly as many wig hair color changes or crazy ensembles. There were no "anacondas." There was also not quite so much sadness and heartbreak as can be seen in her most recent album The Pinkprint. But there was something there that still remains today — and that is a talent for rhyming and moving to the beat.

1. "Itty Bitty Piggy"

OfficialNickiMinaj on YouTube

This song definitely has some hints of Minaj cultivating her "Barbie" persona, especially with her affected girly, high-pitched accent in some parts of the song. And just get a load of that pink dress and the goofy facial expressions in the video! It would not be surprising if the idea for one of her famous alter egos came about around the same time as she released this song.

2. "Click Clack"

swaggaiinsane on YouTube

Something really interesting and surprising about this song is that it does not seem to showcase Minaj's sexuality quite so much as some of her other songs. Of course, it is up to her how often she does so, so that is not to say that her usual getup is necessarily a negative thing, but this really showcases Minaj's range of styles.

3. "Playtime Is Over"

RoseMathers16 on YouTube

Although this song is super short, it makes up for it with cutthroat lyrics and an exciting pace and beat. After you listen to this song, just try not to add it to your workout playlist.

4. "Warning"

swaggaiinsane on YouTube

This song, which taps into Minaj's dark side, tells a narrative story about a friend calling her to tell her about seeing Minaj's boyfriend with another woman. And in this tale, no one is to be trusted...

5. "Dirty Money"

ruben on YouTube

The rapper pays homage to her hometown of New York City in a series of montages of the cityscape. Although she always shouts out her stomping grounds, particularly in reference to her home borough Queens, it is really nice to see her in her element right there in this video.

6. "Higher Than A Kite"

Onika MarajVEVO on YouTube

This is Nicki Minaj teaming up with her mentor Lil Wayne shortly before she hit it big. And now, she has without question reached his level of fame. He must be so proud!