Better Friends Than Ever?

In case you were wondering (and I know you were), Kris and Bruce Jenner are doing fine post-split — in fact, better, they're doing great. Everything is wonderful when you're apart of the Kardashian clan and literally have more money than you know what to do with! Yay!

But seriously: According to Bruce, the two of them are "doing absolutely great" since deciding to end their 22-year marriage, despite all the rumors that may have been floating around on the Internet about him not attending Kris's birthday party earlier this month (apparently, he was working on an "electronic type thing" in Las Vegas.) While at the closing ceremony of the All Sports Film Festival, Bruce told Us Weekly of the split: "I see her everyday. We are doing absolutely great."

And it seems like he's not even exaggerating: The two were in attendance at the ceremony so Kris could be presented the Legendary Athlete Award by none other than Kris, for his accomplishments in sports. "I was actually over at the other house today and there were like 20 people over at the house and I’m thinking, 'I've got a nice quiet and peaceful place in Malibu, but yeah it works great and my kids come and its all good.'"

So, in case you were hoping for some family drama between Kris and Bruce next season on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, don't hold your breath — apparently these two are more mature than we give them credit for. Not sure whether to be bored by or happy about this, but at least they're doing well.